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Why Should Everyone be Using Reusable Products?

You’ve probably seen a thousand styles of glass bottles online, or 250 different kinds of reusable coffee cups on Amazon - but why is using reusable products so good for the environment?

First of all, plastic pollution is becoming more and more of a serious issue, according to a report from the Guardian, an estimated 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced since the 1950s - that’s equivalent to the weight of more than 800,000 Eiffel Towers, not good right? It’s super important we try looking after this earth more and we can start by reducing the amount of plastic we’re using by using reusable products!

It’s great that places like Pret have started giving their customers a 50p discount on their hot drink if you bring in a reusable coffee cup, here are five other reasons as to why you should be using a reusable coffee cup:

  • Plastic lid: Coffee cup lids are made of plastic, also known as polystyrene. A better alternative is using a silicone or BPA-free lid that can be used repeatedly.

  • Styrofoam: According to the EPA, 25 billion styrofoam cups are thrown away each year in the US and have the potential to stay in the landfill for a good 500 years. Styrofoam is made from polystyrene, a petroleum derived material. In addition to the harm done to the planet, styrene is also considered carcinogenic and has been shown to leach from polystyrene, especially when the inside liquid was hot.

  • Paper: Even though paper may seem like a better choice than styrofoam, paper cups are lined with a type of plastic called polyethylene so the cup won't just turn to mush. Unfortunately, the glue used to hold those paper cups together partially dissolves when the coffee is poured into the cup, releasing trace amounts of toxins, such as melamine, into the coffee. And unlike newspaper and cardboard boxes, disposable paper cups are not recyclable because of the combination of materials. Not to mention the 20 million trees that are cut down each year for coffee cups.

  • Cardboard sleeve: Since most cardboard sleeves are thrown out along with the non-recyclable disposable cup, there is even more waste. Of course there is no need for a protective sleeve when using a double wall reusable coffee cup because the heat stays on the inside!

  • Taste: Drinking coffee from a ceramic or stainless steel tumbler just tastes better! High quality 18/8 stainless steel ensures that your reusable mug won't rust. And double-walled mugs provide the insulation (hot and cold) for a civilised and comforting beverage that can linger for hours.

Lucky for you, we’re offering a 10% discount on our reusable coffee cups for anyone who’s read this blog post, just type in the code GOREUSABLE10 into checkout when purchasing one of our beautiful St Lucia on-the-go cups.

We’ve also got a fab range of glass water bottles, bamboo lunch boxes and we do have plans to launch some reusable tote bags and “paper” style lunch bags next year, so watch this space!

With thanks to and for helping us get our facts straight.